10 Units Left At Ruby

Ruby Condominiums now have 10 units left to reach their sellout.  This is often a great thing for owners as they can relax in their new home without the sales process in place.  With that being said, Melissa McMurray on site has done a phenomenal job introducing new owners to the project and expediting the sellout process.

In the new era of Social Media marketing, Ruby had a Facebook page, ran a super effective e-mail marketing campaign and exchanged services with local restaurants and coffee shops that helped new owners get to know their neighborhood.

I think what will be interesting over the next 36 months will be to see what Seattle offers new buyers.  As most of us know, many “affordable” projects were pulled off, converted to apartments or just put on hold during the down turn of the market.

Does anyone have anything in particular that they are looking forward too?

Neighborhood Development?


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