Increasing Traffic = Increasing Condo Prices

This January we attended Mathew Gardner's presentation on Seattle's real estate market.  Mathew, of Gardner Johnson, did an excellent job evaluating all market conditions.  He performed and explained an in-depth analysis including variables like job growth, population increase, mortgage rates, cost of living and traffic.  At a time when some markets (e.g. California's) were … [Read more...]

Condo Expo – 2007

This weekend, "The Seattle Condo Expo" will be held at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Seattle.  The event will take place both Saturday the 19th from 12 - 5 and Sunday the 20th from 10 - 5.  Anyone attending the event will need to  buy tickets for $10.  It will be well worth the money.  Attendees will be exposed to 80 exhibitors and just about every project in Seattle.  Mathew … [Read more...]