Real Estate or Stocks?

There was a great article today in the Seattle Times on wire from Renae Merle of the Washington Post.  The piece was in regards to the choice of either buying Real Estate or Stocks and how smart investors have both.  There are great contributions and examples dissecting the two.  Full story click here … [Read more...]

Virtual Driving Through Seattle?

If you haven't had enough city driving or if you are itching to see what it is like to drive through downtown Seattle...Microsoft Live Search Maps has created a program where users can either drive or walk through downtown Seattle online.  Using street level images, the program gives users a great perspective of the city.  Click Here to try it out.  … [Read more...]

What's New In Seattle?

In reviewing the condo pipeline both in Seattle and Bellevue, it looks like inventory should start drying up as we lead into 2009 and especially 2010.  In previous years, condo buyers have had many different options in new construction - times are changing.  With gas prices nearing $5 per gallon & buses often times standing room only, the urban growth demand in Seattle has … [Read more...]

Seattle Growth Expectancy – by area

The Seattle Times just recently posted a google mapping application showing the growth expectancy in the Seattle.  Each pin point on the map correlates to specific Seattle neighborhoods.  Click Here - to view the map      … [Read more...]


Recently the Parc was featured in the Seattle Times - Downtown Living Section. To celebrate the completion of The Parc, the sales and development teams recently held an open house to showcase the new residential towers. More than 100 potential homebuyers came to The Parc to view the four new model homes, tour the building and the roof deck, and to visit the new sales center … [Read more...]