Sales Velocity!

Optimism is seeping its way back to the market.  Today stocks soared after news of an improving housing market and the finalization of the Treasury plan to buy toxic assets.  With housing it was really a sign that sales have picked up.  In fact it was the biggest month to month gain since July of 2003.  The percentage gain was much higher than expected.  For a quick reference … [Read more...]

Bold Moves To Benefit Housing

The Fed announced today that they plan on buying $300 billion in Treasury Securities in an effort to bolster housing.  The goal in doing so; as said after a unanimous vote in Washington today was; "To provide greater support to mortgage lending and housing markets, the Committee decided today to increase the size of the Federal Reserves balance sheet further by purchasing up … [Read more...]

Bellora Condos

Bellora Ext

    BELLORA Project: Bellora Neighborhood: Belltown DESCRIPTION Bellora located at Elliot and Clay is still recognized as one of Belltown's best.  Well managed, sound building, great location and wonderful amenities. BUILDING Built of concrete and steel in 2003, Bellora is comprised of 93 units on 13 floors. Amenities include, concierge service, disabled … [Read more...]

Mark-to-Market Accounting

Mark-to-Market accounting also know as "fair-value accounting" is hurting our economy.  When asset prices start to fall, mark to market accounting means that banks feel pressure to loan less, to make sure their liabilities aren't greater than their assets.  Fortunately on Thursday this issue will be discussed in a House financial services subcommittee.  One well known guru in … [Read more...]

What developers don’t want me to tell you

Visit any sales center in the city and you will probably know what I'm about to tell you.  Developers are giving away concessions at will.  Yep; you heard here.  There is absolutley, positively no reason to sit on the fence any longer.  Why would you?  It is impossible to time the market anyway.  A full 6% credit from a developer on a FHA approved product allows you to buy down … [Read more...]