CCI Soars

The Consumer Confidence Index just had its biggest rise since November of 2005.  This is significant.  I think we all knew that in time, we would pull out our wallets again and face our fears.  Our economy is fueled by the buying power and overall consumption of our own.  Therefore as our confidence increases so will the life of our economy! … [Read more...]

A City Sample of Seven and Change

You want to know what $700,000 and change will get you in the city?  I thought I would pull a sample for all of those who may be as curious as I was.  My sampling is within the price range of $725,000 to $825,000.  These are only 2 bedroom units and they range geographically from Belltown to First Hill. Starting at the top: 1.   Unit #724 at the Parc                    … [Read more...]

Show Time

The next few weeks are very important for housing. As we saw last Month the February housing numbers showed improvement. Existing home sales, Pending sales and New construction starts make up the lion share of "important" housing data. Most experts will predict improvement again. This improvement is critical for the health of the housing industry. If you watch closely each … [Read more...]

What is your Perception

Consumer confidence is an indicator responsible for the overwhelming majority of our economies success or weakness.  For a lot of Americans, your confidence and the way you perceive the success of our economy depends on how we grew up and who we spend our time with.  Our family, friends, co-workers, colleagues and closest contacts can influence our perception of reality.  I … [Read more...]

Cosmopolitan-New Listings

Just Listed at one of Seattle's finest Condominium projects.  On the 29th and 28th floors these two incredible units have much to offer.  For a marketing package please e-mail I will be updating this post throughout the week.  Thanks.  Jeff   … [Read more...]