Tax Credit-Time is Running Out

I thought I would update everyone again in regards to the expiration of the Home Buyers Tax Credit.  The credit expires on November 31st, but remember that any home/condo that closes after that date will not qualify.  If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at … [Read more...]

Auction-Brix Condominiums

Brix Condominiums just announced that they will auction off their remaining inventory.  See the attached image for more information.  If you have never done this before, I would be happy to walk you through the process.  E-mail me at … [Read more...]

Bottoms Up?

In the past two days we have had significant breaking news in the housing industry.  Both existing home sales and new construction sales are setting a new trend.  Finally; they are trending up.  Most economists and market experts won't give any validity to a market recovery unless they see month over month increases.  Today we see our fourth month in a row of higher new … [Read more...]

One Main Street

One Main Street is a popular Bellevue new construction condo project.  Unfortunately they brought their product to market at a very tough time for our marketplace.  They will sell-out, but unfortunately, this may take some time.  Please see below for a quick rundown on this particular project: 62 units, 50% sold out.  It is a luxury boutique 10 story building with no … [Read more...]

Washington Square Agent Update

I met with an agent in my office a few weeks back and she wanted to learn more about the Bellevue condo scene.  After a very nice conversation, she hit the streets and was gracious to report back to me on the status 3-4 condos that we discussed.  I've shared with you the update on Bellevue Towers, so I thought I would also share the update on Washington Square as well.  Please … [Read more...]

Should I Buy Now?

I received an e-mail on Monday from a friend of mine from College that has been seeking answers to a question I hear so often:  "Is now the right time to buy?". It can be confusing when deciding if you should buy or rent.  I took the bulk of my e-mail and have included it in this post.  It is clearly optimistic, but it also carries an important message.  I hope you … [Read more...]

Project Update-Bellevue Towers

For those of you who are interested, this was an update on Bellevue Towers from an agent in my office: "Bellevue Towers -  534 units, only 33% sold out for the entire complex. HODues are $.51/sq.ft.  Nice amenities.  Parking is either hard to come by or limited, not clear which.  The option of buying a 2nd parking stall are unclear -or perhaps you could try to a tandem … [Read more...]

Temperature Of The Market

I read a piece yesterday that I have attached below.  I find it interesting to gauge the opinion of others when researching how we feel about our current economy.  As mentioned before, I am a self-proclaimed "market junkie". That title alone does not separate me from anyone or give me favor when answering the title to this post.  However, I can say that I have invested in the … [Read more...]