Whats Next For Seattle Condos?


I'm sitting here at Seatte Heights during the advertised Belltown Progressive Condo Tour.  There have been a number of people through thus far and it makes me wonder what the rest of the year will look like for Seattle condos. It is not a surprise that for most owners, it has been a tough few years.  Price declines, auctions and the overall uncertainty has been the … [Read more...]

Belltown Progressive Open Tomorrow


Hot off the press is the map of the enormous Belltown Progressive Open tomorrow from 1-4pm.  If you haven't heard about it yet, it will feature over 45 of Belltown's active condominium inventory.  (Kudos to Carrie Debuys for all the work getting it organized) Their are 17 projects featured, including : Mosler Lofts Gallery Bay Vista Concord Ellington Avenue One 81 … [Read more...]

Seattle Area Developers Need To Lower Prices-NOW


It is time to lower prices for all high rise condominium sales between Seattle and Bellevue.  The projects that have done it are enjoying much success.  I don't need to point out specific names, because as consumers we are well aware of who it is and how it has affected their sales.  I like being transparent and will continue too, but at the same time both builders and the … [Read more...]

Veer Lofts

Veer Lofts

Located in South Lake Union, Veer Lofts built in 2008 consists of 99 units in 3 different unit layouts.  Developed by Vulcan Real Estate, Veer offers units of 624 to 1067 square feet.  This 6 story building designed by Johnson Architects and constructed by Walsh Construction is LEED Certified with drought tolerant landscaping, water conserving fixtures, recycled building … [Read more...]

Don’t Believe What You Read


Don't Panic: The media has always had their way with the American public.  Don't get me wrong, I think its easy to get caught up in the "sensationalism" that is our US media. However, you should not always believe what you hear.  Here is a great example: I received numerous calls from clients yesterday in regards to the existing home sales number.  Of course at face value … [Read more...]

Escala Condos-Time For Change

Escala Seattle

Escala is once again the talk of the town.  Jim Stroupe broke a story this week that has been developing for quite some time.  I commend he and his team for getting the details out in the public.  In fact, earlier this week, behind closed doors the details of the change were still "off" the record. Regardless of when the change was announced,  I think it is fair to say that … [Read more...]

Let’s Chat


I've been hard at work over the last few months trying to make UCS more user friendly.  Many of you have graciously provided feedback on the design, writing and overall presentation of the site.  I would encourage all of you to continue providing feedback whether it is good or bad.  I appreciate and value your time, efforts and opinions on the blog. In light of making the … [Read more...]

A Seattle City Sample of Seven and Change-2010

A Seattle City Sample of Seven and Change

A few months back I posted the first set of "A City Sample of Seven and Change".  I thought it would be interesting to see what has changed in the last 9-10 months.  I think you will find it as interesting as I did. Take a look at the updated list below.  You'll see what $700,000 and change will get you in the city.  Similar to last time, the sample is within the price range … [Read more...]

Enso Condominiums


Enso Condominiums is located in the dynamic South Lake Union neighborhood where changes are happening overnight. Built in 2009 in the Vulcan neighborhood  of dreams, Enso is comprised of 19 stories offering 135 condos and penthouses.  It's exterior is both creative and attractive due to the transparent look and feel.  It was designed to bring in light and capture the … [Read more...]

Lack of Sleep, Lots of Inspiration


Well, I didn't sleep much last night and it doesn't surprise me.  I have an internal clock that wakes me up around the same time everyday.  This morning it just went off a little sooner :-). I woke up with the inspiration to add another post to the UCS List.  I created the UCS List (look at the sub-menu furthest to the right) to act as a box of tools.  Its purpose is to help … [Read more...]

Buying A Condo Foreclosure


In a strategic partnership with Vestus.com, UrbanCondoSpaces can now provide access to all Seattle and King County condo foreclosures on a weekly basis.  Many of you have reached out and inquired into buying foreclosures.  Now is the perfect time as we can assist you with obtaining current info on investing and owning a foreclosure. Feel free to inquire further, but for now, … [Read more...]

2200 Westlake

2200 Westlake

2200 Westlake is a dynamic project consisting of three buildings in the South Lake Union neighborhood.  The project includes residential, a hotel and some phenomenal retail. The three buildings designed by firm Collins Woerman used an abundance of floor-to-ceiling glass, architectural concrete, and brick & steel. The highly used Weber + Thompson designed floor plans and … [Read more...]

Ruby and Marselle Update


Just a quick sales update for Ruby and Marselle: Ruby only has 16 units remaining, citing 2 more sales over the weekend.   All remaining units are priced below $300,000.   I would recommend for anyone interested to consider the remaining top floor units. Marselle has had 16 sales in the last 28 days including three that occurred over the weekend.   Marselle has the … [Read more...]

Kirkland Central Condos

Community Shot

Kirkland Central Condominiums built in 2006 is located in the heart of downtown Kirkland.  With 110 units and 5 stories, Kirkland Central is within walking distance of Lake Washington, Kirkland shops, fabulous restaurants, art galleries, Peter Kirk Park, the Kirkland Library, the Kirkland Performing Arts Center and the newly established Heathman Hotel. The units have granite … [Read more...]

The Eastlake


The Eastlake condos can be found on the north-end of Eastlake Avenue right before you reach the University Bridge.  Built in 2004, The Eastlake was welcomed with high anticipation.  Then, in 2004, there had not been much condominium inventory.  The project delivered 36 units and 4 stories. Even with its limitations, the Eastlake has pretty outstanding views from all areas of … [Read more...]