Bravern Leasing Units Quickly-Sales Pick Up

night 7

The Bravern is off to hot start on the leasing of the south tower. In just 30 days they have leased over 58 units!  This is an incredible pace.  According to my contact at Bravern, the grand opening last weekend was a huge success. In regards to the sales in the north tower, they have received 8 offers in less than 3 weeks.  With the success of the south tower, sales will … [Read more...]

How To Buy A Condo; Pick The Right Window.


There are number of different strategies you can use when buying your condo.  I think the most important would be to really evaluate why you are purchasing the unit in the first place.  Is it for the view, the amenities, the location or the design?  Regardless of what drives you to purchase, it is important to understand that when you remove emotion and add strategy you are … [Read more...]

HGTV Top Ten


I hung out with some friends of mine on Saturday night.  One of my close friends and a client of mine for 4-5 years introduced me to HGTV's Top Ten.  It's a series put on to reveal the "Top Ten" homes that showcase the featured category in that particular episode (kitchens, great rooms, garage etc...).  Designers speak to the elements that make the homes special. Our … [Read more...]

Is the Open House Dead?


I just put a condo that I own on the market this last week (see here).  I almost held an open house yesterday until I realized that I really don't believe in them.  In fact, I have been taking a stance with many of my previous clients that they just don't work like they use too. (with the exception of new construction sales) It has been estimated that Open Houses account for … [Read more...]