3 Condo Owners In Downtown Seattle That Found Buyers In Less Than 5 Days

As I’ve been saying now for months, good condos, priced well in the downtown Seattle core are selling quickly. I thought I would provide some examples. In just the past week, there were at least 3 condos that sold in less than 5 days. You should be able to recognize the 3rd unit on the list (we sold it!). What is the take-away? If you are in a position to sell right now and you are realistic about market value – you will be rewarded. Feel free to contact us with questions.

501 Roy #R300 (Located at 5th and Mercer) Lumen Condos
Sold in 5 days

2033 2nd Ave #806 (Located at 2nd and Lenora) Cristalla Condos
Sold in just 1 day

820 Blanchard St #1206 (Located at Denny/Westlake) Enso Condominiums
Sold in just 2 days with multiple offers

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