A New Type Of Buyer-9 by Design

If you have not had the opportunity to watch Bravo’s 9 by Design, I would highly encourage that you do.  It is now a weekly occasion for my wife and I.  I know now that we are not the only ones as well!  I have had quite a few readers reach out as well as many of our friends to make me aware of their interest in following the footsteps of the show’s highly intuative and incredibly talented cast.

Robert and Cortney Novogratz are the parents of 7 kids and the founders of 6 Design. The show portrays a very confident and talented couple that started their careers developing and restoring in-city dwellings. Their work is second to none.  As you watch each episode, you find yourself falling in love with their family and admiring their design work along the way.

For many Seattle condo, townhome and urban dwellers, designing their homes with confidence is possible. One must make the effort and find inspiration through how they want to spend their time in the home. I’ve been asked recently to search for property that would allow this creative experience.  I can find unique spaces.  The question is, who is willing to devote their time to making it special?

Feel free to send us your designs as well!  We would love to see what you have done with your homes to make them work for you.  If you need inspiration, there are a number of great blogs out there as well.  I’ve included a few for your reference:



Decor 8



Amy Meier Blog

Life Blog:

Seth Godin

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