Banner Building

Project:  Banner Building
Neighborhood:  Belltown


The award winning  Banner Building located at 80 Vine Street was built in 1994 and is comprised of 25 residential units with 5-6 commercial spaces.  Koryn Rolstad with the help of Weinstein Copeland Architects conceptualized a multi-use building that would offer live/work space.  Starting in 1991, Rolstad put a team together that would ultimately build one of the more unique structures that Seattle has ever seen.  This AIA award winning project offers residential units on 5 floors of the 7 story structure.

Rolstad has been very complimentary of her architect and partner in the project Ed Weinstein, saying:

“Ed understood what I wanted and made a building that was iconic and changed a neighborhood forever. It is still an amazing project and design – which is admired all over the US and Internationally – I would not have done this with out his visual and architectural language” **





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**sourced from StroupeCondoBlog
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