Bellevue Towers 2 Bedroom Pricing

With all the news this week about the Bravern converting their north tower to apartments, I can’t help but to believe that Bellevue Towers will benefit. In my own personal situation, I had a client ask me today to identify a few options for he and his wife at the towers.  Their requirement was pretty simple.  They wanted 1,400sf or more and they needed a balcony.

So, I called the Bellevue Towers sales team this afternoon to narrow down their available options. I thought I would share the information received so that you could learn about their pricing and inventory as well. As you will see below, I’ve uploaded a selection of their 2 bedroom inventory for sale. You’ll notice that they represent a group of units under a million as well as a selection of units over a million as well.  Give me a call if you have any questions.

2 bedrooms under a million:

page 2

2 bedrooms over a million

page 2

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