Bellevue Towers-What’s On The Inside?

One might argue that Bellevue Towers is one of the sexiest looking buildings in the maturing Bellevue skyline.  The glass, steel and concrete look timeless and architecturally it rivals most of its neighbors.  However, if you are familiar with the project, the inside of the building is much more controversial.  As mentioned in a previous post “The Night Lights At Bellevue Towers“, I think it is incredibly fascinating when you drive by the project and see just a few lights on at night.  It just doesn’t make sense.  They need more owners to fill up their beautiful project.

I don’t mean to down play the condo debacle during our real estate recession, but something has to give.  I have made my point clear in previous posts ( Lower Prices and Bellevue Debacle).  The time is now to shift the momentum to collaboration between lenders, developers, real estate teams and buyers.  Swift action towards market rate pricing that aligns with expectations is necessary.  The last situation we need is “new construction” inventory that lasts for the next 10 years.

What do you guys think?


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  • Joe “The Connector” Kennedy

    I agree that Bellevue Towers is one of the sexier projects in the entire area – and that they need to be much more aggressive in getting with the current market.

    We did an Eastside Entrepreneurs event there shortly after they opened – and I was personally told by BT management that they had three different parties at our event interested in purchasing – and that they’d be interested in doing follow up events. Still the same, they have since refused my offer in bringing them more people to check out their project.

    I don’t believe they are doing even the easy things to make their property more livable – for current or future residents. With the current state and future outlook of the local condo market and lack of available financing, I hope they decide to get realistic – while they still can.