Just 6 High-Rise Condos For Rent In Downtown Bellevue

Bellevue Towers Re-size

If your looking to rent a condo in a Downtown Bellevue high-rise, your search won't last long. There are only 6 units for rent. I was recently given the task of finding a nice quality 2 bedroom condo for a professional athlete who is going to temporarily call the Seattle area home. When they suggested a 2 bedroom unit in Bellevue our search came to screeching halt. Out of the 6 … [Read more...]

Bellevue Towers, 46 Sales Year to Date (Corrected)

Bellevue Towers Re-size

  Quick update on Bellevue Towers. They are at 46 sales year to date - totaling $20.2 million in sales for 2012. Last year they sold 144 units totaling $89 million. With over 260 units sold, watch the Towers continue to have success. Other Bellevue Projects  One Main Street Condos One Main Street is down to just 5 units for sale. They should be wrapped … [Read more...]

Bellevue Towers Reaches 50% Sold


Congrats to Bellevue Towers on reaching 50% Sold. With 13 sales so far this year, they are off to races. A recovering real estate market is good for all of us. Lets hope all our Seattle and Bellevue projects continue to sell their inventory, while providing great homes for new buyers throughout the year. For more information on this sales milestone, I've included their press … [Read more...]

Bellevue Towers Offers Limited Release Pricing, Shows Strong January Sales Numbers

Bellevue Towers Re-size

  The success from 2011 has carried over into January for the sales team at Bellevue Towers.  According to my source at the project, they have sold 7 units this month and are negotiating contracts with a number of other buyers. This comes on the heels of their newly released pricing promotion. Limited Release Pricing is offered for select homes. These condos … [Read more...]

Bellevue Tower Event, Update


Yesterday afternoon I attended an invite-only event at Bellevue Towers.  It was designed as a thank you to all the real estate agents that have contributed to their success. The event was held in unit #2501 (big views).  I would guess that there were about 20 brokers in attendance.  We had a nice lunch, listened to a re-cap of their sales progress and learned a bit more about … [Read more...]

New Website For Bellevue Towers

Bellevue Towers Website

  A big congratulations to our friends at Bellevue Towers as they just announced the launch of their new website.  I was privledged to get a look at the site during its final stages of development.  In my humble opinion, I think they nailed both the design and the functionality.  I enjoyed seeing the pictures, floor plans and reading the testimonials of a few of their … [Read more...]

Bellevue Towers Celebrating 200 Closed Homes


  Bellevue Towers just announced that they have reached 200 closed homes.  This is quite an accomplishment considering that 100 of those homes have closed in the first 7 months of this year.  As a part of their announcement, Bellevue Towers preferred lender MetLife Home Loans is offering preferred jumbo financing for loan amounts up to 2 million.  Congratulations to … [Read more...]

2 Bedroom For Rent, South Facing At Bellevue Towers

Bellevue Towers 1514 Arrrow

If your in the market to lease a condo, you may check out this 2 bedroom at Bellevue Towers.  It is on the 15th floor and is South facing (see the picture above). You'll get a really cool street view of 4th ave going west.  This unit is a 2 bedroom plus den, 2.5 bath with a large floor plan. It has granite counters, cherry wood cabinets, Wolf stainless and big views of Mouth … [Read more...]

Bellevue Reporter On The Success At Bellevue Towers

Bellevue Towers See Increased Sales

Late last week, we were given the opportunity to speak with Nat Levy at the Bellevue Reporter.  Nat was running a piece on the recent recording setting success at Bellevue Towers. We worked with Nat and the Reporter to provide sales information for the condominium project and to speak to the consumer confidence in todays market.  For those of you that have not had the … [Read more...]

Bellevue Towers Update, 45% Of Buyers Are All Cash

Bellevue Towers

We have new numbers coming in from Bellevue Towers 41 CLOSED 27 PENDING Total of 68 SOLD in 2011 11 offers currently in negotiation It appears that the recent price reductions are still meeting market demand. At this pace Bellevue Towers is selling 13 condos per month.  When I spoke to one of their representatives yesterday I learned that the 1 million dollar plus … [Read more...]

Want To Rent A Bellevue High-Rise?

High-Rise Living

Looking to try high-rise living?  Just this week Bellevue Towers and One Lincoln Tower have units that hit the rental market.  These are my two favorite residential towers in Bellevue. They both have great amenities and soar among the other towers at 42 and 43 stories (24 hour concierge, spa, pool, game room, owners lounge, terrace, fitness facilities, hotel services … [Read more...]

Bellevue Towers, Significant Increase In Sales Year to Date

Bellevue Towers

I just spoke to my contact at Bellevue Towers and they are reporting a significant increase in sales contracts in the first 90 days of this year. Since their announcement of a pricing change back on January 4th, they have closed 23 homes with another 26 homes pending.  They are closing an average of one condo every 3 days.  In addition, out of the 26 contracts pending it sounds … [Read more...]

Over 2,000 Visitors In 60 Days At Bellevue Towers

North Tower 01

If you haven't heard about the progress at Bellevue Towers, here is your opportunity to find out. In the last 6 weeks they have closed 11 units ranging in price from $375K to $1.7M.  They have 22 pending sales all of which are new since the beginning of the year.  They are working with another 21 new offers. I think what is so fascinating about this performance is the … [Read more...]

Bellevue Towers


BELLEVUE TOWERS Developer: Gerdling Elden Architects: GBD Architects & MulvannyG2 Bellevue Towers stands alone with 43 stories of concrete, steel and glass. It's structure is among the tallest residential buildings in the greater Seattle area.  Located at the corner of 4th and 106th in Downtown Bellevue, Bellevue Towers is just blocks away from the Bellevue Square Mall, … [Read more...]