Bellevue Towers Is Currently 16% Of All Active Bellevue Condos


Check this out!  I've added all the active Downtown Bellevue condo inventory into a chart.  You'll notice that the pie chart cooresponds with the table to the left. As you will notice Bellevue Towers has 16% of the total inventory!  The horizontal chart below really puts it into perspective. The "other condos" category is all the condos that didn't have multiple units in a … [Read more...]

Free Rent at the Bravern?

The Bravern.Night Shot

Thinking about renting in Bellevue?  The Bravern is offering free rent until February 2011 with a 14 months lease (see below): For a limited time, we are offering no rent until February 2011. If you have been thinking of moving, take this opportunity to discover the Bravern- tour the newly released homes in the North Tower and experience the pleasures of living at The Bravern. … [Read more...]

Bravern To Lease North Tower

The Bravern.Night Shot

Wow.  The Bellevue condo market has changed.  Schnitzer West announced yesterday, that the North tower of the Bravern Residencies will be converted to luxury apartments.  In another sign of the times, Schnitzer simply put, just couldn't meet the markets pricing demand in many efforts to sell over 400 residential units.  Now that the entire project will be converted to … [Read more...]

Bravern Apartment Update


I just e-mailed my contact at the Bravern to get an update on the progress of the South tower leasing.  I will update shortly.  In the meantime, I was hoping to hear from anyone who is currently leasing there?  I would love to know the following: Have you enjoyed living there? What amenities are you using? Which retail stores to you frequent the most? Have your guests … [Read more...]

Which Bellevue Condo Project Catches Your Eye?

The Bravern.Night Shot

Driving through Bellevue on Wednesday made me think of fun, brief survey for our UCS readers. Ascetically, which is your favorite condo project in Bellevue?  It can be the architecture, the design, the coloring, the glass etc....  Here are the big six to get your visual juices flowing.  Just submit your vote or comment below and enjoy what others have to say! [polldaddy … [Read more...]