The Amazon “Effect”, Seattle Growth


I came across an article this morning that sums up the Seattle growth story and the impact that companies like Amazon are having on our local economy. It is a lengthy piece, but well worth the read. We often talk about the Amazon impact on South Lake Union and Seattle as a whole. This particular piece really delves into the growth story and shares the intimate details. I've … [Read more...]

The Next Housing Bubble In Seattle – Apartments?

Seattle Skyline

  I just read a great article today about apartment developers who face a potential supply bubble.  It highlighted some very important points that are worth considering as we examine the next 5-7 years in the Seattle market. We are in massive cycle of apartment development.  Just this last year, we've seen an incredible amount of new projects get underway. … [Read more...]

Prices Down, Inventory Down, Sales Up For Condos

Seattle Heights Views

I'm currently in NYC. Yep. I'm touching base from my hotel room. Not playing at the moment, just working - go figure!  I had some important news to share with you guys. I caught word yesterday that November condo sales were up BIG.  As I was investigating this morning I ran across an article citing the listing service statistics published yesterday and titled "Home sales … [Read more...]

3 Tips If You Are Buying A Condo In 2012

Bellora #1001

Buying a condo is a daunting experience. At times fun, but often, frustrating, stressful and time consuming.  To help you get started, I thought I would provide a few tips that will make your buying experience a successful one. NEIGHBORHOOD FIRST- One of the biggest mistakes that condo buyers make is choosing the unit before they choose the neighborhood. It is easy to get … [Read more...]