CNN Money Bets On Seattle Housing Recovery

I try not to regurgitate information from the media unless it is relevant.  On that note, a UCS reader sent an article this morning from CNN Money that I felt most of you would be interested in reading.  It was an posted not too long ago and suggested that Seattle was 2nd on a list of seven U.S. cities primed for the title of  Housing’s “best recovery bet”.

The article (read here) cites Seattle’s strong manufacturing base (Boeing, Starbucks, Microsoft etc…) as well as our lower unemployment and our vibrancy as a city.  I too believe that we will see moderate growth sooner rather than later.

We would have a lot to be thankful for if we see the 3.9% growth over two years as the article suggests.

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  • scott

    sounds like good news, lets hope it plays out!