Consider Walkscore Before Picking Your Condo

Have you used walkscore yet?

It is a super resourcful technology that allows you to see the neighboring amenities from a particular address.  If you are a boomer looking for walkability or a young professional hoping to be surrounded by the cities best restaurants and nightlife, Walkscore can be a perfect step in the evaluation of your condo purchase. Restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops and bus stops are just a handful of categories that it can track.

As every major city moves towards more urbanization, analyzing your proximity to neighborhoods businesses is really important. If not for you, it has the possibility of influencing the next round of buyers when you decide to sell. Other considerations, especially in the Seattle market have to be understanding your proximity to the light rail. As the rail system gains more popularity, wouldn’t you want to take advantage by doing your homework ahead of time?

I thought I would share an example of an actual Seattle condo so that you can see the impact of using Walkscore. As you notice in this example it shows you the proximity of schools, restaurants, parks, coffee shops, transit and more.

2200 Westlake

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