Cool Architecture, Bank Owned, Priced To Sell

I was just about to leave the office when I noticed a familiar townhome that is back on the market.  I’m sure a few of you will recognize it as well.  We posted about these homes months ago (Urban Architecture ) when profiling the architect of the project. The address is 1809 24th Ave, Seattle. Listed at $579,000 in 2009, this home is now priced at $429,000!   It is banked owned (Sterling Savings) and clearly priced to sell.  Sterling seems to be adding quite a bit of their inventory to the market.  They actually have a real estate specific website that shows all their available inventory.  Including, commercial, condos, multi-family and more.  What an interesting time we live in.

If you were to ask me if this particular home is worth a look, I would say Y-E-S.  Love the architecture, it’s obvious given the examples below that it is a deep discount and the bank is currently offering 3.5% in a closing cost credit.

photo and listing credits to Scott Anderson

In this particular project, there were 4 homes built.  Three of them sold within the last 8 months.

Here is a list of the three other sales within this development:

1807 24th Ave Unit C | 1,863sf
Sold | Jan 11, 2011

1807 24th Ave Unit D | 1,794sf
Sold | Jan 14, 2011

1807 24th Ave Unit A | 1,755sf
Sold | Dec 09, 2010

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