Cristalla Condo Sells for 57% Less Than Its Last Sale Price In 2007

Do you remember this condo we wrote about in September? Then, unit #809 at Cristalla was scheduled to go to auction with a minimum bid of $254,745. It was postponed (delayed) and finally made its way back to the foreclosure auction last Friday. It was brought to our attention by a loyal reader and client of ours who wanted to purchase this particular unit. On their behalf, I went down to the auction on Friday in an effort to secure the property for them. It didn’t take long me to notice that there were a few others investors that had their eyes on the 1 bedroom unit as well. Long story short the bidding started at $212,000 and ended at $265,000. Not a bad deal considering that this same exact unit once sold for $622,500 in 2007. Not all foreclosure sales have the same result, but in this case, my analysis showed that this property sold for about 70% 0f its actual market value.

We’ve just updated our Cristalla Property Profile page.  Check it out.  Interested in learning how to buy at the auction?  Contact us.

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