Cristalla Condos Is “The Best Place I Have Ever Lived”

Don’t let the title fool you; that quote is not from me.  In fact, I can’t say for sure who it was from.  I didn’t catch her name.

I was touring this afternoon at the iconic Cristalla condos and as my client and I were leaving the 15th floor, we ran into a women in the elevator that shared her experience at Cristalla the entire way down to the lobby.  It is always a great opportunity for a potential buyer to hear the thoughts and opinions of the residents.  The best part about this experience was that it was entirely unsolicited.  She felt compelled share, and it was enjoyable for us to listen.   Her first words were “Cristalla is the best place I have ever lived”.  She spoke about the community that exists there and the overall enjoyment of the amenities, the building itself and the proximity to all that Seattle has to offer.

I questioned Cristalla’s popularity a few months back when I posted “Is Cristalla Still King?“.  I think most Seattleites still would consider it a top “5” building, but I would rather hear it from you.  Is it?

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  • justin bowers