Design Approved For 2030 8th Avenue

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The City of Seattle approved the design for 2030 Eighth Avenue.  As see before on UrbanCondoSpaces (New Highrise), this 350 unit project faced stiff opposition from the Cosmopolitan Condos citing that their views would greatly inhibited by the 38 story tower.  Apparently that wasn’t enough as the design was given a stamp of approval from the city of Seattle.  See here for a video produced by Weber Thompson.  Also read below for excerpts from my previous post.  More details to come soon.


From UrbanCondoSpaces (May 17th):

2030 8th Avenue introduces 350 residential units to the Denny Triangle
neighborhood of downtown Seattle. The project includes 350 parking stalls,
more than half of which will be below grade. For the residents, a large common
area rooftop terrace and amenities will provide additional living space, and a way
to meet and socialize with neighbors and friends.

The building will also provide two ground-floor retail spaces, including a potential restaurant location on the
highly visible corner where 8th Avenue meets Lenora Street and
Westlake Avenue.From a minimal 120’ x 128’ site a 400’ tower will rise. A sleek, contemporary,
curtain wall system unbroken by external decks will drape an interior concrete
frame giving shape to urban sculpture. Mechanical and other building systems
will be concealed with a sculpted top rising an additional 40’ from the rooftop.

With such a small footprint, attention to base sculpting will be critical to
connecting the tower to the ground without creating a tower that simply sits
atop a podium. Likewise, the base massing and architecture should improve the
pedestrian experience, and respond to the Lenora green street.
Residents of 2030 8th Avenue will support the City’s goals for more residential
density downtown, which in turn provides support for local small shops and
services. With the emerging South Lake Union / Denny Triangle employment
center within walking distance, and the streetcar connection to the bus tunnel /
light rail, this project is truly pedestrian and transit friendly which will be one of
several strategies employed to achieve LEED Silver Certification.

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  • Justin Bowers

    “faced stiff opposition from the Cosmopolitan” izzouch! how about this tho? floating decks that you can drive up above it!!!?? that way, it’s coo. really tho, ugh! as if there wasn’t enough bad news. developers gotta make their money too right? …coulda sworn that design was for 2nd. every day! new.

  • Justin Bowers

    sq ft? estimated pricing? it’s getting pretty in that area with all the glass high rises, just daaaang. those north facing units, seemed to be fairly solid on having a view for at least a lil while. how bout construction date? curious.

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  • admin

    @justin, great questions. The big issue with another project like this is the financing. Where is it going to come from, who’s involved…..etc. I met with the consultants that will be working on the project and there are a lot of details that have yet to be determined. Most importantly, is this a condo or an apartment play? With the healthy amount of growth in South Lake Union, I would anticipate that it would be a great success either way. That doesn’t change the fact that it will be a sore spot for many North facing cosmopolitan owners. I wouldn’t expect construction to be for a few years. Stay tuned.

  • Justin Bowers

    Jeff? That u? …don’t look like an admin. Hmm (3.0). Well aaaaanyway, being that it’s on, I’d think it’s in blaine’s best interest to make em condos! I don’t care what people say about him either. I like him. Maybe tho, it’s one of those secret ploys to make bloggers feel that the market izza gettin mo betta. I have a friend who’s a member of the illuminati. I’ll ask her and see if she (they) know anything while u get sq ft and price info. Ready!? BREAK!

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