Read Before You Buy At The Gallery Auction; A Sale Of 25 Studios

With the auction at Gallery just around the corner, I’d like to share with you some of my thoughts as you decide if this is the right purchase for you.  First and foremost, buying a home is a very personal decision.  To each and everyone one of you, the experience will be different.  Most importantly, you have to feel that the unit fits your lifestyle (size, space, view, storage, function etc..)

What is interesting about the upcoming Gallery Auction is that it really is a sale of  studios.  I have shared my opinion of studios in the past (A Studio In Seattle = Square Peg In Round Hole).  Open 1 bedrooms in my opinion are just a fancy way of saying “studio”.  I have warmed up to the idea that studio’s have a purpose in Seattle, but I still have my doubts about how they are being marketed.  Marketing “open 1 beds” as a true one bedroom is a bit deceiving.  They typically don’t have  a designated bedroom space with 4 walls, windows, closets and doors.  Therefore they should be called a studio.

In full disclosure, I sell studios and will continue too.  With that being said it has to fit the “lifestyle” of the buyer.  Making sure a studio is right for you can take time and getting to know the space before jumping in.   Studios are a popular purchase for:

  • First time buyers
  • Second home purchases
  • Investments for seasonal executives
  • Buyers looking for a “hotel” type experience
  • Buyers looking for a lower “cost” of entry

For the rest of us, it might not fit our lifestyle.  So, in my opinion, get intimate with the space before you purchase.   When investing, you need to think about the future and not just the impact the place will make on you today.  Understanding what your buying profile will look like when you decide to sell is very important.

Don’t take this post as  a negative on what the Gallery is offering.  I think it is a phenomenal building in a convenient location.  I also think it was built well.  Just do your homework.  If you need help analyzing your options, we are always happy to help.


  • Concrete and Steel
  • Built by PCL Construction
  • Developed by Schnitzer West
  • Unique home plans
  • Distinctive common areas
  • Designed by Markie Nelson Interior Design
  • Landscaped grounds
  • Street-level retail
  • Solid concrete and steel construction with brick, composite metal, and lap siding
  • Secured ProxCard access entrance
  • 24/7 full-service concierge
  • Storage
  • Two-story lobby with marble floors and rotating art
  • Fully enclosed garage with controlled access
  • On-site surveillance
  • Dog area


  • Minimum bids start at $175,000 & $295,000
  • Auction Date March 5th
  • Grand Hyatt Seattle
  • 25 units (open one bedrooms)

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