Good Friend, Incredible Insight

I thought I would share a story of re-connecting with an old friend, who happens to be a brilliant Seattle construction defect attorney.  Dating back to when I was 15, I met this friend of mine in Gig Harbor where I grew up.  She was always at the top of her class and I felt that she would do BIG things when she graduated.  She ended up getting her undergrad, going to law school and then starting her professional career in Seattle.

We reconnected about 18 months ago through Facebook. She had noticed that I was helping people buy and sell condos and looked me up as she was looking to purchase in Belltown.  We met up for a cup of coffee and since then I have been extremely grateful for our re-kindled friendship.  On occasion we will talk about old friends and past experiences, but for the most part we talk about business.

As mentioned before, she is a phenomenal attorney.   Her firm represents the owners in hundreds of disputes with condo developers.  Meaning that she is on the forefront of all major condo litigation disputes.  My learning curve has skyrocketed since our first discussions.  She has incredible stories from court cases that are interesting enough to be written in a book.  It is fascinating to me; not only to hear the stories themselves but how it effects our local market.

It would be impossible to truly understand the ins and outs of every local project.  With that being said she has willingly given me her time and attention when I have needed it and I am eternally grateful for her friendship and expertise.  I now go to her before before any of my clients purchase. It gives me a sense of security and has been a blessing to the buyers that I have helped along the way as well.  Having good friends that keep us accountable is a wonderful thing.  I look forward to many more years of good conversation and tall cups of coffee!

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