Homeowners In Belltown; Read This

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Homeowners and business owners in Belltown need to stand up for their neighborhood.  Many of us have seen the impact that crime has made on the Belltown community.  In an article written back in June (read here) Mayor McGinn’s solution was to add (20) twenty police officers to after hour shifts.

I have not noticed a difference.  I think its fair to give the program time, but it’s becoming more of a “perception” problem.  I’m experiencing the fear of Belltown first hand. In a nutshell, I’ve have been getting feedback from prospective relocating buyers and renters that have me concerned.  In the last 2-3 months, many of the clients I’ve worked with have simply eliminated Belltown from their list of neighborhoods.  In fact, one couple re-locating from the Bay Area, asked me to show them everything “but” Belltown.  Citing crime and horrible feedback from their co-workers.

What bothers me the most about this is that Belltown is not living up to its potential.  It has some of the best condos in the city.  Great access to the waterfront, the downtown core and is really underdeveloped.  I’ve sold many units in Belltown and still believe that it can be a great place for all types of residents.  Bottom line is; we need to stand up for the neighborhood.

I’ve attached the contact information for Mayor Mike McGinn below.  I think its important for any of you reading this to simply call or express your concerns via e-mail.  The more attention you can bring to the crime and the necessary re-vitalization of the neighborhood, the closer we will be to taking the community back from the drugs, violence and the negitive perception that stole it.

If you are not quite sure what to say, I’d like to suggest the following:

Dear Mayor McGinn:

  • Are you planning on adding more “foot patrol” to the neighborhood?
  • How many police officers?
  • When do they start?
  • Is there any plans through public relations to help boost the perception of the neighborhood?
  • Would you support a temporary tax abatement to spur growth?
  • What else are you willing to do to fix the problem?

This is a very important question:

  • Do you really think that raising the cost of parking in the city is good for business and tourism?

Here is the link to the Mayor’s office:  http://www.cityofseattle.net/mayor/contact.html

I know this sounds crazy, but I would consider following the Mayor both on Facebook and Twitter.  It gives you direct access to ask “tough” questions publicly in front of all his supporters and followers.  This is what we need.

Here is the information to contact him directly:

Seattle City Hall is located downtown on Fourth Ave., between Cherry St. and James St.

Send a letter: Mayor’s Office, Seattle City Hall 7th floor, 600 Fourth Avenue, P.O. Box 94749, Seattle, WA 98124-4749

Call the Mayor’s office: (206) 684-4000

Reynolds on KOMO | Belltown Crime

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  • http://seattlesavvy.com justin bowers

    the extra police did in fact work very well. problem was, they raised the rates for parking. nobody wanted to pay more for parking which means can’t pay for policing. now, i can’t say i’m actually monitoring the crime, but the trouble was after 2:30am. when bars close, people should be getting their asses home, not playing GI Joe or craps. so, when people say they’ve heard bad news about the crime, i gotta ask, “what crime you talkin about?”

    the belltown association also sent a survey out about the crime not too long ago, and was rather upset that they were focused on the crime outside of clubs during fun time. again, people having fun at belltown’s rather spendy bars are not the problem. it’s the dealers that tsk and “HEY” at you at 2:30am +

    i’ve never had a problem otherwise. so, i’m thinking people that say anywhere other than belltown heard about that 1 incident (which happened around 2:30am) from grandma in the north end. i’ve never had a problem in belltown, and if there’s a safe place downtown, it’s belltown. are saying people are wanting pioneer square, west edge or even first hill cause they heard belltown wasn’t safe?

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