Houseboat Sold In Just 1 Day On Market – Pending Sales Update


I’m off to show a few condos this morning (downtown Seattle). Before I go, I thought I would share some of the units that went pending over the last few days. Including the houseboat above that can literally drive away at a moments notice.  Seafair anyone?

Escala #809 (1920 4th Ave #809, Seattle)

Sold in just 3 days of being on the market


Tavona #110 (333 Wallingford Ave N #110, Seattle)

Bank owned 2 bedroom, 2 bath. 1 of 5 units that went to foreclosure and ultimately back to the bank


Houseboat 2401 N Northlake Wy, Seattle 

This 750sf houseboat sold in just 1 day on the market



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  • TSCS206

    I think that houseboat had actually been on the market for a while. It was even on an episode of House Hunters. 

  • JR | UCS

    Huh, not sure.  I didn’t see the House Hunters piece. It had been on the market in 2009, 2010 and for a short period 2011.  The last time it was on the market was October of last year. It just came back on as “active” a few days ago and immediately sold. Thanks for commenting!