How To Decorate A Loft

Lofts come in many shapes and sizes (Loft Living).  When you own or rent a loft with soaring ceilings, exposed brick/concrete and expansive space decorating can seem like a daunting task.  I’ve included some pictures from BoConcept to give you inspiration.  When decorating your loft I would consider following these simple suggestions:

  • Focus on naturally creating space between rooms
  • Add color.  This can include art, images, rugs and pillows.
  • Use rugs to define living areas and to create more comfort in your bedroom
  • Consider stainless appliances, steel structure beams and an industrial kitchen island with space for pots, pans and dishes
  • Get creative with lighting.  Add lamps of any kind and consider hanging light fixtures.
  • Sleek and simple furniture with clean lines usually works best.
  • Consider wide pieces that lengthen the room horizontally
  • Keep pieces “off” the wall.  Many of us have a tendency to push furniture against the wall. Place it out in the open.
  • Enjoy the process.  Loft living is both unique and rewarding.

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