I’m Back. A Personal Trip To New York City (Pictures)

I just returned late last night from 10 days in NY.  The last time I spent more then 8 days away from home was in 2003 (when I lived in Spain for 6 months).  New York City is a special place for my wife and I.  She lived there for close to 5 years, we have friends there and every time I go I dream of living there. In the event of few of you may be interested, I took a picture of everything I did in one day(almost everything).  As many of you know, we also attended two University of Washington Basketball games at Madison Square Garden. Other notable events were seeing the trading floor at a major US bank, touring a few high-rise condo towers and lots of social events with NY and Seattle friends.  I don’t usually share personal photos, so I hope you enjoy.

One of my favorite stops for morning coffee, the paper and a pastry:

A morning walk that took us to Times Square before arriving at Rockefeller Center:

MASSIVE lines at Radio City Music Hall:

A quick look at the Rock Center Skating Rink:

Central Park



A look at the Bergdorf Goodman windows:

5th Avenue:

A trip to the Upper West/Eastside:

I helped a friends 10 year old with his jump shot after watching his basketball game:

One final trip to Times Square on our way home:

All in all, this was one of my favorite trips to NY.  Thanks for checking out the post.



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