I’m Back……Damn It Feels Good

So after about a week and a half of redesigning the blog; I’m back!

I decided to find a layout that worked better for all of us. I just hope you enjoy the posts and even learn something every once in a while.

My efforts in the re-design were to make it easy to navigate and easier to read.  I hope you have some feedback now that it is up and running.  I’m looking forward to being back on my regular schedule.  Thanks for being patient.

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  • Ben K

    Jeff – I like it; it’s very clean. Change is good, I’ve been through 3 themes myself and will probably revamp again in the Spring. You’ve added some nice features that I’m sure you’ll be seeing on TSCB soon. 😉

  • http://www.urbancondospaces.com Jeff

    Ben-Thanks for the feedback. I think change is great as well. Happy Holidays and continued good luck with TSCB.com.