Let’s Chat

I’ve been hard at work over the last few months trying to make UCS more user friendly.  Many of you have graciously provided feedback on the design, writing and overall presentation of the site.  I would encourage all of you to continue providing feedback whether it is good or bad.  I appreciate and value your time, efforts and opinions on the blog.

In light of making the site visits a better experience for all, I have now added a live chat feature on the right sidebar of the site.  I know some of you won’t be inclined to use it; that’s ok.  A few of you may have questions, feedback or potentially would just like to say hello.  I would welcome that and will look forward to those future conversations.  Just so that you are aware, this feature is tied to G-chat (google’s chat feature).  Therefore, when I am at home on our MacBook, it will appear that I am away.  If you click the icon when I’m “logged off” feel free to leave an e-mail or a quick note and I will respond accordingly.  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.  Thanks for the continued support.

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