Loft Living

One of the most creative spaces in the condominium category is a loft. Lofts are a type of unit that originated when warehouses back East were converted into apartments and condominiums. From a design perspective they have come a long way.  Here are some characteristics you might see in lofts:

  • High ceilings – some set minimum ceiling heights at twelve feet or it is not considered a loft just a condo with high ceilings
  • Exposed piping, ductwork, structural elements, Concrete, Steel
  • Large expansive windows & lots of light (often floor to ceiling)
  • Minimal uses of interior walls to define space and doors to close off areas
  • Outdoor spaces. Often with roof top gardens or decks
  • Transition space, living and work space, blurring the lines between workplace and residence
  • Modern finishes using concrete, metal, stone, brick, wood used freely alongside drywall, ceramic tile and vinyl & other materials available.

Here is a collection of pictures showing the range of how loft living can be:

I will post shortly with examples here in Seattle.  Stay tuned.

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