Lumen Condo Once $449,900, Priced At $188,987

The distressed category of the Seattle Condo market continues to expand. I know I risk boring you guys with so many examples of distressed units, but I feel that it is important for you to see. The “market value” for condos downtown is constantly facing pressure from the short sales and foreclosures that make up a large portion of our inventory. This condo that you see above is located at Lumen (5th and Mercer).  In 2007 it sold for $449,900.  Now, just 4 years later its priced at $188,987.  I should know what the final sale price is by this afternoon/evening.  The Takeaway……..Lower prices mean more investors/sales and decreasing inventory.  At the same time it adds pressure to pricing for those trying to sell traditionally.

****Other condos offered at the foreclosure auction today included, Betsy Ross (Capitol Hill), Queen Anne High School (Upper Queen Anne) and 2200 Westlake (South Lake Union-Postponed).

[picture courtesy of M Schmaltz]

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