Mayor McGinn “Doesn’t Have A Clue”

I read an great piece today by Patti Payne that put a smile on my face.

The article in the PSBJ titled “McGinn Is Knifing Seattle Retail” really resonated with me.  In a nutshell it targeted Mayor McGinn’s new budget proposal and the plans to raise Seattle in-city parking to $4 an hour. Bellevue’s most notable land owner, Kemper Freeman, had a few things to say.

As taken from the article Freeman says “This guy (Mayor McGinn) doesn’t have a clue how to run a city. I should be dancing, but I’m not. It hurts the whole region, believe me. It’s like he hates people and he wants to run ‘em out of there.”

I found it refreshing that Freeman who has done such an amazing  job with the Bellevue Collection would stand up for the rights of Seattle retail owners and patrons. By speaking his mind, Freeman is challenging the very unthinkable approach by the public sector. Something that is not done very often (at least publicly).

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, that I completely agree with Freeman’s sentiment.  I spend over 4 hours in the city each day visiting and touring condo projects.  It seems ludicrous to me that with as little transit options as we have, that the city would find it appropriate to charge $4 dollars an hour when frequenting downtown.  To be honest, it makes little to no sense at all.

Ultimately, for a few more dollars an hour, the city is suggesting that they are “ok” with declines in safety, tourism, retail sales and home ownership.  Is it worth it?
Read more: Freeman: McGinn is Knifing Seattle Retail – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)

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