My Radio Interview With Ken Schram

Reynolds on KOMO | Belltown Crime

On my way across 520 yesterday, I received a call from the producer of Ken Schram’s afternoon show on KOMO News Radio.  He mentioned this post in the that was originally featured on (See Here).  I was a bit surprised, but was flattered to be invited as a guest for their 2:45pm time slot.

Ken and others read the post and found it interesting that Belltown crime is still such a heated debate.  My goal was to give the neighborhood of Belltown some attention, while addressing a serious negative stigma that is hovering over the popular neighborhood. I spoke about the downside of the “perception” problem that the neighborhood has and I wanted to give the residents of Belltown the contact information and ideas needed to get in touch with Mayor Mike McGinn.  Bottom line is, the car prowling, drug dealing and harassing is still a  heavily documented issue.  As mentioned in the article, and during the radio interview, the debate for more foot patrol is a hot topic.

Overall, I really enjoyed talking with Schram.  I felt he had a good perspective on the debate and that he respected my views as well.  I would join him on the show again if ever invited.  Something he offered towards the end of our dialogue.  I’m ready when you are Ken.

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  • Justin Bowers

    just curious, cause i’d like to debate all of the above. who knows, maybe i’ll be wrong and you’ll be 100% correct. but first, where do you live?

  • admin

    @Justin, the debate was based on the perception of crime or peoples belief that crime truly does exist. I think both sides have fair points. From my perspective, I found the “fear” of crime, drugs etc.. to be influencing clients decisions in where they want to live or where they would like to move after leaving Belltown. Unlike you, I do not live in Belltown. With that being said, where I “live” was never a part of the debate.