Olive 8 Auction Confirmed

The Olive 8 auction has been confirmed (read here).  As seen on the Olive 8 blog:

The Olive 8 Sales Team is proud to announce that we will have 34 homes auctioned in September. The auctioned homes will be on our lower floors 18 through 26.

The sales office will remain open onsite and continue to sell floors 27 through 39 our “Sky Suites.” Now is a great time to buy a view home in Seattle’s tallest and most luxurious tower. The sales office is open daily from noon to 5 p.m.

The Sales Team

Details in terms of pricing have not come out yet, but we should expect them this week.  I’ve heard that R.C. Hendreen, the developer for Olive 8 is deciding between Accelerated Marketing Partners and Kennedy Wilson to hold the auction.  If you have not attended an auction before, I would encourage you to go.  It is a little chaotic but entertaining to say the least.

I will look to post later this week with more details on pricing and my opinion on the value of buying at an auction.

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