Promenade Press Release

Have you heard of Promenade Condos?  If not, it is hitting the market this afternoon.  I’m off to an appointment so this is all I have for now.  See the full press release attached below.  Here is a portion of the release that sums up the project and the direction as seen by NWG Real Estate Owner, Nick Glant:

Promenade is the type of boutique project in scope that NWG Real Estate believes in for the next market cycle. “Condo Buyers want location, community amenities, and value.  In the current economic environment, buyers place less importance on grandiose common areas in an imposing structure,” says Nick Glant, Owner of NWG Real Estate. “For under $200,000 at Promenade at the Park, you can live in a charming in-city community within a block of one of the region’s most expansive waterfront parks. This is a project that will sell in any climate.”

I will post more soon (i.e.  details, location, price sheets etc..)


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