Seattle’s First Resource For “Off Market” Condo Property

We have exciting news! has just created Seattle’s first and only resource for “Off Market” condo property in the city.

Here is what we hope to accomplish:

  • Connect more buyers and sellers
  • Allow sellers to advertise their properties without being “on” the market.
  • Allow buyers to explore opportunities that others buyers/investors don’t have access too.
  • Provide a resource for sellers and landlords to showcase property that is months or years away from hitting the market

What makes “off market” property so special?

  • It is unseen by any active buyers or investors
  • Sellers and buyers can negotiate special terms and pricing for the purchase and sale
  • It provides exclusive access for buyers and can protect the privacy of the sellers.
  • It allows sellers a “no stress” situation where interested parties come to them
  • It provides opportunities for buyers who would prefer to avoid “quick action” or potential bidding wars

How to participate?

  • Any buyer or seller can participate
  • Go to the official page to learn more (See Here)

How do I get started?

Follow the steps below.  I would suggest watching the informational video, filling out a form or feel free to jump ahead and see the growing list of “off market” property.

Go to: UrbanCondoSpaces—> Click: Services —–> Click: Urban “Off Market” List

Next to review the actual list go to:

Go to: UrbanCondoSpaces—> Click: Services —–> Click: Urban “Off Market” List ———> Click: Off Market Property List

We are very excited about this new service.  In an effort to constantly expand our offerings, we hope you enjoy it as well.

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