3 Condos Owners That Found Buyers This Week

Unit #7B Washington Park Towers

  I thought it might be interesting to show you a few units each week that have found buyers.  When a unit goes from active to pending (inspection), it means that the buyer and the seller have agreed on terms and they announce to the public that they are "under contract".  I've listed 3 different condos below that have gone under contract this week. Click the … [Read more...]

How To Buy At Auction

Olive 8 Auction Packet_Page_01

So I attended Kennedy Wilson's "How to Buy At Auction" seminar yesterday with a client of mine.  I thought it was interesting to see the turnout.  To me it looked like roughly 300-400 people which happen to fill up the room.  It was pretty basic information.  Most of the agenda covered what to bring when attending an auction and how to make sure you can make a successful … [Read more...]

Townhomes Can Be A Good Fit


I'm going to make an effort to highlight more townhomes on UCS.  They meet the needs of many Seattle home buyers.  In my experience, they always seem to be a perfect fit for someone that feels that  a condo is too small and a home may be too big or simply unaffordable.  Townhomes also are a good alternative for: Baby Boomers/downsizers Buyers wanting a yard More … [Read more...]

Shredding The Offer; Sending It Back FedEx

Shredding a contract

Please forgive me while I rant.  I received an offer this week on a listing that I have in Seattle.  I will spare the details that should remain anonymous. In a nut-shell, when the offer came in, it literally should have been shredded and returned to the agent and the buyer who submitted it (via FedEx). There are unwritten rules in real estate that most of us abide by.  In this … [Read more...]

The New Buyer Orientation


I'm off to meet a client/friend at Brix Condos this morning who is closing on her new unit this week.  We are actually meeting today for her orientation.  For each project the orientation is different.  Some will cover just the basics, while others take you through a detailed process highlighting everything that would be pertinent to know as a new homeowner.  What I have found … [Read more...]