The Eastlake

The Eastlake condos can be found on the north-end of Eastlake Avenue right before you reach the University Bridge.  Built in 2004, The Eastlake was welcomed with high anticipation.  Then, in 2004, there had not been much condominium inventory.  The project delivered 36 units and 4 stories. Even with its limitations, the Eastlake has pretty outstanding views from all areas of the building.

If you find yourself interested in the project, be forewarned that noise can be an issue.  The project was built under a stretch of I-5’s express lanes.  For years the city of Seattle has discussed a noise reduction plan for the under-carrage of the freeway, but nothing has occurred thus far.  For more information, you could always inquire at the City of Seattle.  Melissa McMurray at Ruby Condominiums has provided information on the proposed plans as well.

Overall, the project has a good location, nice build-out and less than average amenities.  It was built just 6 years ago and I believe The Eastlake will remain a good project with an affordable price.

Address: 3217 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle
Year Built: 2004
Bedrooms: 1 and 2
Bathrooms: 1–2
Total Units: 36
Amenities: Professional landscaping, Elevator, Storage spaces, secure parking and parking
My Grade:
Location: B
Amenities: C-
Price: B
Luxury: C
Walk-ability: A  Google Walkscore
Unit Decor: B
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  • Joe “The Connector” Kennedy

    Thank you for the post Jeff – I love your rating system. It might also be interesting to know if there are condos available in the project you are reviewing, number, last sales, asking prices etc.

    Just the noise factor alone would make this a project I would advise my clients to stay away from.

  • Jeff


    Thanks for the note. I’m happy you enjoyed the post. I appreciate your suggestion as well and will do my best to incorporate those changes in future posts!