The Economy Went Big Today

Leave it to Americans to be totally weird.  I was fast asleep this morning when my Mom and my soon to be sister in law left the house to go shopping at 4:30am! As most of us know, it is the busiest day of shopping in the calendar year.  Black Friday has always been a staple of American consumerism.  I get the funny feeling that the Economy got a little boost this morning..  When they returned from their 3 hour get-away they had spent a little over $500 and had great stories of other crazy shopaholics.  In fact, according to my Mom’s scientific calculation, the line at the Target must have been two full circles around the store just to check out.

I thought this was good news for all of us Americans.  We have had a rough two years.  If the media can pick up on the positive and spin Black Friday as an economic success, I think most of us will welcome that news with open arms.

It is said that two thirds of our economy is based on consumer spending.  It was tough spending money while fearful of the next great depression; but now that its over, it is a least a little uplifting to see that as Americans are not hiding under their bed.  Even though times are a little more diffucult than they were 30 months ago, our nations resiliency shines when given the opportunity.

I’d like to thank my Mom and Jamie for personally making their contribution and adding to the consumer confidence of all Americans!

P.S.  I went to Home Depot today and it was a circus.

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