The “It” Factor In Queen Anne

My wife and I joined some friends yesterday for an afternoon BBQ in Seattle.  The house sits on the Northwest slope of Queen Anne and has a beautiful rooftop deck with panoramic views from Ballard to Alki.  Besides really enjoying our friends and the “rare” afternoon sunshine lately in Seattle , I was enamored by the views.  It reminded me what made it so special when he purchased the home in May of 2008.

It is lesson that we need to live by in all of our purchases of real estate.  It always pays dividends to buy a home with the “IT” factor.  The “IT” factor can be explained by the home having something so special that (it) is undeniably the determining factor for the purchase.  For example, it may be a big West facing view, a remarkable kitchen, a enormous master suite with walk-in closet , or maybe its a functional layout.  Bottom line, you must remove emotion and add strategy when making a purchase.  Focus on the most important elements of a home that make it special.  Make sure it has the “IT”.  Kudos to our friend that made a GREAT purchase.

Here are a few shots of the remarkable views.


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