The Regata Has New Siding, New Windows and New Listings

Are you guys familiar with the Regata?  You may have noticed a number of new listings hitting the market in the last few weeks.  It is due to the fact that the building (3 total) just went through a major re-construction of its siding, windows and exterior elements. Since late last year, the building has been wrapped in plastic.  In this particular situation, the homeowners association benefited from a lawsuit against the developer.  They sued the developer to pay for anticipated repairs.  In doing so, they received somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000,000.

I personally love the building. It has a great location, big views of Lake Union and Downtown and should be considered a safe option for Seattle condo buyers.  One of my clients bought a unit in the building in Spring of last year and I think it was a brilliant idea.  We knew that the building was going to be wrapped up and therefore benefited from heavily discounted pricing offered by the seller.  Now, that the building has re-emerged with a new exterior & windows, it is clear to me that the investment has paid off.  There are a few units have just hit the market.  Take a look below:

Unit #106


Unit #525



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