Valentines Day At Pike Place Market

I surprised my wife today with a trip to the spa and a few hours down at Pike Place Market.  It was a great reminder of how international Seattle can feel. It always amazes me to see such diversity in just a few city blocks.  It was a really fun experience exploring, drinking coffee and the 2 minutes of my chocolate croissant (unbelievable).  Combine the typical diversity, great weather and the buzz around Valentines day and you have a perfect experience in one of our cities most cherished attractions.

I’ve included some pictures of the market, Post Alley and the Seattle skyline.  To me it is such a fun experience to look back at the city.

Post Alley

Tons of Last Minute Flower Purchases and Other Valentine Gifts

Post Alley

Seattle Skyline

A Look At 1521 From The Market

Another Glimpse of The Super Popular Condo Project That Soars High Above The Market

Market Place North

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