Your Search Questions-Answered

Just before I went to bed last night I was looking at my analytics program for the blog.  I know, kind of pathetic but I’m hopelessly addicted.  It shows stats that allow me to understand where readers are coming from, what they are reading and what they are looking for.  It sounds more detailed then it really is.  I can never tell exactly who is reading the blog and from where, but it gives me a pretty good understanding.   The  most fascinating section of these analytic programs are the “search statistics”.  In a nutshell, I can see what has been searched and how that has landed readers on either purposefully or accidentally.  I thought it would interesting to examine the searched items from yesterday.  It may be helpful for you to understand what is trending in the real estate world.  See below:

Search Terms (Google and Yahoo)

Searched: “leona”

As far as I know there is still just one unit left.  It is a townhome.  See here: Leona

Searched: “condos in litigation”

I’ve written a few posts on condos in litigation (read here: Condo in Litigation & Bad news for Buyers)

Searched: “paperwork for renting a condominium”

Answer: I have written a few posts on renting your condos (see here:  10 steps to renting & renting your condo?)


In very rare circumstances.  I would recommend not buying while in litigation.  For the most part your lender won’t allow you too either.  In some scenarios you will have to have all cash!

Searched: “vine condos”

Answer: I imagine this person was just inquiring into the building itself.  Maybe they were curious about the units that sold, or the amenities included in the building.  I have included my last post on the Vine Condos (read here:  The Vine)

Searched: “i’m being asked to get a license before i can rent my condo

Answer: I suppose this person was curious if they need a license to rent their own condo.  In the state of Washington, the answer would be “no”.  If they were assisting others in their rental and advertising as a property manager, then that is another story.  Also some states may require it, so it depends on their jurisdiction.

Searched: “housing tax credit extension again”

Answer: Read here for the latest and greatest about the home buying tax credit.  It should answer all of your questions.  The reader is most likely searching for when the credit was last extended.  The website I have just provide should answer all those questions.

Searched:  “Short sale approval by april 30 to qualify for tax credit”

Ironically, I wrote about this exact topic yesterday.  See here:

Searched: “bravern auction”

Answer: I have not heard of an auction from any of my sources.  I do know that sales have picked up and if they sign Dean and Deluca and continue to land “high quality” retail, I would hope that they can avoid the auction scenario.  Stay tuned.

Searched: “marselle condo fire”

I’ve heard nothing that would validate this.

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